Land up in the Hills of Orkney


This year, 2013, we became a proud home for honey bees. Our first hive arrived care of Doris Fischler in the Spring and the garden became a smorgasbord of pollen and nectar for these remarkable tiny creatures. As the years go by we will expand the colony to its natural limits and with the help of fellow Orkney Beekeepers hopefully become a competent apiculturist.

2013 has been a good year and I await the honey harvest extraction when the centrifuge is available. I am hugely looking forward to Heddle Honey that we be as delicious as it will be exclusive.

But as many people know all is not well in the honeypot. Bees are in trouble and that means so are we. Underneath this page I will post articles and knowledge collated from around the world on what is actually happening to the bees. It will hopefully build into a useful and accessible archive for anyone who wants to look more deeply into the murky world of big business agricultural chemical  and industrial food production.


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