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This is a Blog about living in Orkney. It started in 2003 as a means of staying in touch with friends and family south (life before social media and smart phones) and then developed into a full blown website about living on a Scottish Island in the far north of the UK. Now it is time for a further revision.  This space is now my personal view of living here and interacting with you out there in the wide world. The ubiquitous Facebook is an excellent medium but suffers from ephemera as a design USP.  Using the Wordpress platform as a more permanent archive of articles and links collected by me seems to be reasonable. If anyone cares to delve into this archive every now and then it would be all worthwhile !

All those years ago my original intention was to showcase the fresh, beautiful, wild and spectacular natural environment of both the ancient and modern Orcadian World against the backdrop of the wonderful home that Orkney and Heddle has given me. I will still do this.

But life is serious, and I find myself caring more and more about our idiotic behaviour on this planet as a species which is certainly clear to see from beautiful Orkney.

I also have a business to promote, the best self catering in Orkney, the wonderful And now we are giving birth to its sister for 2014,, an exciting move into the quality packaged holiday business for Orkney Holidays !

You will find links are reference to both of these companies throughout this blog but I am not shameless. My intention is to put these enterprises into context, to explain what we care about and what we are trying to achieve, what makes us happy and what makes us angry. We will make political observations both locally and further afield. We will highlight the good things and shout about the bad things. Its my soapbox and I will use it.

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