Land up in the Hills of Orkney

Links Pages

Ho Hum. More links pages. Well, these are the pretty good. Whatever the category, only useful, beautiful or interesting stuff will be found on these pages.

The Gardening and Nursery links are aimed at those of us struggling with the conditions here in Orkney though will prove useful for most Northern European climates. Don’t expect to find much about drought tolerance or exotics though.

Some good core sites, the best hardware suppliers I have used and some useful research sites as well. I take no responsibility for your wallet. as these sites could damage your wealth - and give you some wonderful new plants.

The Orkney Links is more a review of the shifting sands of the Orkney webosphere which does contain some quirky, useful and interesting sites.

Updates frequently, at least in the Winter. Listings are personal and in no particular order of preference.

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