Land up in the Hills of Orkney


today brings us the first Winter storm, gusting Storm Force 10, (80mph) driving rain squalls with possible Snow later. One of those days when the duvet is hard to leave.

Last leg is here. Water is ON, tiling is DONE, cleaning 75% completed. Working on the flag flooring to try and create the finish i want then FURNITURE.

Hooray !.

Actually still quite a lot of niggly stuff to do but I will be sleeping in the byre next week !

Ma had an almost serious car accident two days ago, she has hurt her left Knee and is in a good deal of pain but it is not broken, she should be ok in a little while, but always dodgy to injure yourself at her age. Car badly damaged, as is the vehicle she hit. Failed to see oncoming vehicle when turning into the main road in Finstown. No one else hurt and no poeleese, so just her premium will be battered.

Started taking sodium diclofenac for AS. WonderDrug ! Last week no discomfort or pain at all ! Hope it lasts !

Tom is in Aberdeen with Fiona. She has had the operation and all is well, they will be back next week.

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