Land up in the Hills of Orkney


stuff has started, bah humbug.

Ma's leg was broken in the accident; took them a week to diagnose and she's been in hospital since. Cast on full leg, may be home in another week, doubtless many bridges to be  crossed in the coming weeks/months. Day by day, only time will tell how badly this will knock her. Car written off by insurers.

Byre is due for final completion before Xmas, if everyone does what they have promised. Tiling the kitchen, sorting the porch and some joinery; 2-3 days work for three people. Moved furniture in, shower room awesome. Floors finally sorted and look great. Bed due to arrive this morning. (Kingsize French style sley bed)

Funding in place for East Heddle; Brian critical component and at present still unreliable so a little concerned but subject to his state of mind next year should be exciting culmination of all the years of grinding.

Quite a few beautiful days interspersed with some course weather, bird walks splendid, seen little Auks and Snow Buntings. Tree planting on schedule, got over 200 done, 300 to go, plus maintaining those already in the ground - grass control mainly. Probably got around 1000 healthy specimens now.

Christmas is coming, in case you hadn't noticed.

bah humbug.

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