Land up in the Hills of Orkney


for the long delay in posting. Much has been happening and much has not been happening since my last post. In no particular order then;

  • byre staggers on. So close, but so far. What is left ? Tiling the shower room (tiles arrive in about 10 mins from now Time out… Just arrived !) lost my tiler, found another. Problem with the Electric supply caused by severe mistake by the architect in the original loading application. Hopefully will be sorted this week but could become massive problem if the Hydro are not happy.
  • Cannot connect the heating or water until this is done. Cannot plumb in shower stuff until tiling is done, cannot turn on water until both are sorted.
  • Some joinery and some decorating still to do, some light fittings still to fit.
  • Then it all has to be cleaned spotless and the floors sealed.

All in all ? maybe 3/4 days work to complete. Yes but three days I have been trying to get done for five weeks. Hard to explain coherantly why. Not helped by Brian apparently being in the first or second stages of a nervous breakdown/mid life crisis. He has become quite ill, not fit for work and many of these fiddly finishing jobs were down to him.

Frustrated ? Pissed off ? BIG TIME.

East Heddle is in limbo until I get two new quotes from builders, due in a couple of weeks; the Project is now delayed with completion not due till spring 2009. Can't re-organise the funding until i get them so the bank situation is a little messy right now. Suffice to say I am going a lot further into the myre than I ever intended, will certainly go through more than 350k before spring of 2009.

Worried ? a bit, but it will all be ok, eventually. May be quite old and grey by then though.

Otherwise Tom varies between useful and helpful to useless and lazy, the tendency falling somewhat on the lazy side right now. I think he is ok and seems to be looking forward to his impending fatherhood.

Ma is somewhat easier that in the past though we are both suffering in our own ways due to the painful time delayed finishing off of the byre.

The winter Bird walks have started again which is a very good thing and the biggest bonus has been the past two weeks of weather, which has been the most settled and bonnie since April. Summer was a total disaster, coldest wettest and windiest in the eight summers I have lived here. But some recompense is  being gained by a lovely few weeks right now and I am getting a lot of structural stuff done in the garden.

I battle on.

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