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Ho Hum. More links pages. Well, these are the best. Whatever the category, only useful, beautiful or interesting stuff will be found on these pages.

Updates frequently, at least in the Winter. Listings are personal and in no particular order of preference.

Windows Tools

I assume that if you are a MSOS user then you will be very well virus, firewall and spyware covered. If not, you are brave or stupid.

I list here some useful sites and software which either extend your capabilities, make life easier or supply top rate advice and information. Not entirely useless for Mac or Linux users, but mainly aimed at the Windows herd.


This is a mixed bag of resources. Some you may already use. Some may confuse. Some may bemuse. Worth some time when you are free.


Some good core sites, the best hardware suppliers I have used and some useful research sites also.


I take no responsibility for your wallet. A selection of wonderful nuseries. Tend toward my interests, of course, and the Orkney climate, but for all in the UK and for some in Europe, these sites could damage your wealth - and give you some wonderful new plants.




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